My Dream

I had a dream. Not the wat-i-want-for-future kind of dream..

it happened at the opposite of looking good..somewhere near where the Chees stay..i cycled to yuki’s house n parked my bicycle there..i suppose i was staying overnight at her house..her dad had a dog in his hands and offered me ITS milk..worst thing was u hav to suck directly from the dog’s udder..

“oh thanks..really..”,i said.

“this girl’s got a problem..everybody loves dog milk..”, yuki’s dad replied..n her dad forced me to drink it..i refused n started running for my life..but somehow i couldn’t run fast n was like pulled back by something heavy..i ran all around the taman n suddenly megan, wenjing and auntie pauline appeared n they started chasing me as well..megan was holding a big parang in her hand..this is the map..the black bold arrows represent my route..n the purple ones represent megan, wenjing n auntie pauline’s..


i ran into the lorong cuz i tot they would do yuki’s dad behind me..n megan+parang..wen jing n auntie pauline are in front..but somehow i managed to escape..hehe..even when i recall now i still think it is really freaky..especially that grin on yuki’s dad’s face when he offered me the milk……


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i hadn’t blog properly for like half a long that at one point i couldn’t remember which address to type..

first let me introduce u to my new pair of drumsticks – Zildip!! jeng jeng jeng jeng!!


it was given to me by my master on christmas christmas says

play with fire!!

i was asked to use it to play for the christmas church service on the very next day..

the youths after the service

n i fell sick on the day itself..went to the emergency for 3 times before i was admitted to the hospital on the 1st day of the year..!!! later i was transferred to fatimah hosp in ipoh due to lack of efficiency in the government hospital..some infection in the liver n kidney..till today i still dunno wat was wrong with me..

patient number 53 for the year

i din get whacked up or anything like that..i think i was too hot..hahah..oh yeah..for my frens who had came to visit me..brought sudoku..shin chan comics..fruits..flower basket..blessings n accompaniment..i appreciate all those deep in my heart..n for those who didn’t come..thanks for saving me from all ur teasings n insults that u would have brought along..haha..


chang yung came back in february n we went for a tea in usual..stupid acts will be done when there’s changyung around..we even tried to imitate those ah pia n ah beng by winding down the windows n maximising the volume to let everybody hear wat we were listening to..



During CNY eve, 3 of us n my aunts from singapore went to ipoh for a walk. we went to a park to kill some time before the malls opened.



n i got my nails polished..nyeh nyeh nyeh

07 batch gathering

On the first day of CNY, we went back to my mum’s hometown to attend their cny service..

they made the same they did last year. they didn’t even change the font

during the dad fell asleep.

and again in my aunt’s house.

While daryl n chee were back in malaysia, we had super 5 care group at his place.

daryl trying not to be redundant

Hang-outs after care group that we had after daryl left for uni


Interact club had its recycling programme.

while waiting for the lorry to come

we decided to get ourselves some refreshing drinks

in that pile of goin-to be-recycled items, we found this


flipping the pages

some are left undone

those that had notes on it are not neatly done. [sigh]

i was made (or did i volunteer?) the clown for the interact carnival this year. some idiotic fella came n pull my big red nose when i was busy twisting balloons for the kids =.=

kelvin evolving after coming back from bukit merah.

Just yesterday, yvonne n i went over to yuki’s place to bake bread.

yvonne’s masterpieces

mine. i made some much better looking bread..but din manage to take a photo of them.

n yuki’s bread turned out to be a couch.

i switched off all the lights in my house in support of earth hour, leaving this tv as the only source of light. [bangga ^^]

this morning we went for a jog walk in astaka. took us 30 mins to finish 1 round.


then we went to the market

shopping for slippers for yuki to use in toilet

breakfast for her family n the vege that she intends to bring to kl.

finally, tomorrow comes.

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i’ll blog tmr..

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finally got myself to sit n blog again..

some random pictures before i go into the main topic..

the whole of sitiawan went black out on 2 tuesdays we lighted up the whole house with candle..n this was kelvin’s art piece..

doing math homework in the dark

change of topic :

ivy came back n i insisted to go for breakfast the next we went to kat zai bakuteh near proton there..

mr n mrs har

on my right

on my left

change again :

kelvin’s birthday was on the 25th..i guess he’s the only guy who blew off his candles using his breath..yvonne said something funny n he the candles juz went off like that.. =.=

change again n again :

now the main point..yvonne blogged bout it but i’m blogging it at different prespective.. heehe

we were bored at decided to follow my uncle to his chicken farm..on the far left is my cousin (tallest one)’s NS fren from sarawak..

before pushing off

the place where those workers stay


the place where those chickens stay

they do look a bit similar..


when chicks r small..they’re put in smaller areas to keep the temperature they grow the compound will be expanded until it fills the whole place..


dead chick

the man behind all these

the woman n her kids

Q & A session

so now u see y i love kampung  life =P


on the same day we went to watch singing at a temple..there were 24 speakers on one used to be juz a small stage with a few yellow spotlights when i was young..

n there is this makan place opposite..


i did alot more playing basketball with my uncle n cousins in the primary school..rode motor around ayer ice kacang until i almost threw up..holidays r fun..i dun wanna go back to school!!!

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the most happening weekend

last friday was prefects’ was the best prefect night so far..thanks to tze hsien..well organised..nice food nice place n on top of that..nice performance..but i wish i could fast forward time until the next prefects’ night..sigh..anyway..the form 4 n form 5 prefects..led by hwa wei..sang us the negaraku..not surprising cuz it’s hwa wei..upper 6 performance was a blast..with afiq cross

saturday night..guess wat alan n daryl..we (JFC..still remember wat JFC is?) went to jam..muahahha..n the manager kong recruited 2 new members..yvonne n channin..we went for dinner together at 777 n went to the studio at 8..we even recorded..haha..but i was the unlucky person that night..broke 1 guitar wire n one guitar string..not becuz i’m cho lo..the wire n string were 10 we went to blue n yellow to yam cha..yihan n sachin joined us as rated 10/10  ^^

sunday night..none other that installation night..other than the slight mess during speeches..the function was simply awesome ( for me la )..i enjoy working with my board n i think i’m gonna enjoy this term..eheheh..

photos to come….

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alo!!finally i found the pictures of my new zealand here they are..

this is where i stayed for 2 weeks..a normal house that costs freaking NZD800k..almost RM2mil.

uncle reading the newspaper

left view from the door at the living room

my first mum’s fren (CL) brought us to some hill..just to see scenery..n to look around..this was a volcano..somehow it became a tourist attraction now..

black dots = cows

the happy duo

my mum went to “consult” a fortune teller there..she’s married and does fortune telling as living..doesn’t charge ppl but ppl will normally giv her angpau..look at the house she lives in..

her own fountain in her house

and drives a 5-series BMW

notice that i didn’t enter her’s jus transparent..

lacy bedroom

lacy bathroom

one of the nights auntie CL brought us to exercise in a move a little cuz i din sweat for the whole week..but the courts were occupied..

so i decided to go up to the other place..n a small kid started cam-whoring with me..

the small boy with joanne

posing for the cam

at first i asked for his name..he said “P..f..i..l..d..” n some funny combination of letters..i tot it was real..until i asked him the second time.. “P..d..s..” another random combination.. =.= he’s super cute..n kept asking me to take pictures together..heheh..btw he’s an new zealand born chinese..speaks both mandarin n english with accent..

we went to

-an underground korean restaurant

-shopping mall

i sneaked into jason’s (joanne’s bro) university to play dota with his frens at night

jason and apple computers

casino – joanne and i were we couldn’t go in..just wander around at other places..

tallest tower in auckland..outside the casino

-a beach where i get all the adult to take a group photo..from left : Angie, Yvonne, Mummy, Mrs Huang, Auntie CL, Uncle Daniel..all of them r from malaysia except for Yvonne(China) n Mrs Huang(Taiwan)

-another beach to feed birds..this is how they get rid of their leftovers..then i realise not only in human world where the rich bullies the poor..even big birds bully small birds..

feeding the scary birds

this guys was sitting on his sister n hitting her backside like riding horse..then he grabbed her hair n smacked her face in the sand.. =.=

this is where we buy our groceries zealanders r so free that they go to the market everyday..this is a chinese they even played jay chou songs..heheheh..

Yvonne, Auntie CL, Joanne, and Michelle(from ipoh)

Jason asked me to join him to play pool one night



these are the people i lived with for 2 weeks..the aunties r super funny..especially when they play mahjong..laughed non-stop..

ok this is basically what i did in new zealand..din take many pics cuz brought the wrong memory card..swt..


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samtet oh samtet

as what many had already knew..i’m studying in samtet currently..weird school it is..

we hv to sit on the basketball court before goin into class..listen to the same fella repeating the same old sentence every single morning..i hv no idea at all what is that for..there was once when i sat until my leg got sooo numb that i almost fell down when i wanted to stand up..luckily i held on to meiking..

i cant stop comparing samtet to acs..which makes me feel more like goin home..the prefects there r not chosen by teachers..they conduct walk in interview which i think it’s not good..n students eat in the class with prefects in there..really dunno what those prefects r the way acs prefects hv nicer uniform..hehe..n those committee member for some societies hv a name tag of their post n name which they wear everyday..they even hv different metal badges than the rest..boys in my school couldn’t play bb that well..i dunno whether they lost their receptors or what..but they play bb at freaking 1 or 2 o’clock every afternoon..

enough of complaining n critisizing..

we(yvonne meiking n i) went for the editorial board interview cuz ivy asked us to..but i think it’s gonna be fun..n guess what..we even joined the choir..i was forced to cuz yvonne wanted to join so badly n she needs someone to accompany her..-.-

ipoh is basketball..nothing..but i’m back in sitiawan..ahahahha!!! for 2 days..zzz..

fireball was stolen few nights ago by a called n told me about it..i know fireball is attractive..powerful efficient n so on..but c’mon..y steal?argh..!!dun let me catch anybody with my fireball……………………………………


up next : my nz trip..

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